The Crips street gang was originally created in order to form a neighbourhood watch and clear the streets of marauding gangs

Founder and former leader of the Crips gang stated in an interview from his his San Quentin Cell that the purpose for creating the gang initially was to eliminate all street gangs and create a “bull force” neighbourhood watch. Williams said: “We started out—at least my intent was to, in a sense, address all of the so-called neighbouring gangs in the area and to put, in a sense—I thought ‘I can cleanse the neighbourhood of all these, you know, marauding gangs.’ But I was totally wrong. And eventually, we morphed into the monster we were addressing.”

Stanley “Tookie” Williams

Co-Founder Raymond Washington himself has stated that he founded the Crips not with the intention of eliminating other gangs, but to create a force powerful enough to protect local black people from racism, corruption and brutality at the hands of the police.

Raymond Washington Mugshot

Both founding members of the Crips were seventeen at the time which would have had a significant effect on their somewhat naive intention of forming a gang that would unite the street crews and bring peace to the streets of LA. After all the group initiated new members through fist fights and recruited smaller crews by challenging gang leaders to fist fights.

Williams trial has been shrouded in controversy surrounding the legitimacy of the case against him

Raymond Washington was killed in 1979 and was buried on his birth day.

Stanley Williams was given the lethal injection in 2005 charged with First Degree Murder. During his time in prison awaiting the death sentence he authored several books, including anti-gang and anti-violence literature and children’s books.



3 thoughts on “The Crips street gang was originally created in order to form a neighbourhood watch and clear the streets of marauding gangs

  1. Yeah right, clearly the police set him up just like OJ! His passion was displaying his physical prowess by challenging people to fight or engaging in random acts of violence, he has a criminal record that would rival Scarface. He was a rampant PCP addicted who lost his mind and went on a murderous rampage to fuel his drug addiction. He was in jail for murdering 4 innocent people in cold blood, to be specific a shotgun at close range while they lay on the ground. those are the murders they could prove, he is suspected in others but witnesses always disappeared. He was not an activist in jail, he beat several inmates to with in an inch of their life, assaulted staff constantly and ran his criminal empire from behind bars. When his sorry ass got too old to fight and his death sentence became a reality he suddenly started preaching and proclaiming to be a changed man. His legacy is one of death, violence and destruction. Make no mistake this man is the founder and leader of one of the most dangerous gangs, he is a ruthless criminal and a cold blooded murder responsible for countless deaths and immeasurable pain and suffering.

  2. A man spends his life in prison, becomes rehabilitated, and becomes a counter force to the movement he started. Solution? Kill him anyway.

  3. this article is STUPID…these werent men, they were subhuman ORCS…MONSTERS who killed, robbed, and raped their way through life until they were either caught or killed.

    ‘tookie’ was a thug in jail too and for decades ran crime and committed violence on people behind bars…you make it sound like he was a good guy, just misunderstood.

    no, its people like you that deserve to be victims of the orc hordes violence…not innocent, good humans.

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